Blaine’s parents: Fanon vs Canon 


I find that the fandom tends to make Blaine more angsty than he is on the show. We’ve had this idea about how utterly unaccepting his parents are ever since his talk with Burt in Sexy. Blaine’s parents are rarely mentioned in canon but even before Shooting Star, I’ve always felt like we jumped the gun with our theories. I think Blaine’s parents are more loving and accepting than we give them credit for:

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"One of my favorite pieces is an old Mercedes seat that Kurt has sort of fashioned into a living room chair. My thought was that Kurt has a very close relationship with his father, and his father has a tire shop, and it’s his livelihood so it, also, resonated in terms of his relationship with his father." - Mark Hutman, glee production designer

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Anonymous, "I like to imagine early!klaine when blaine didn't know his feelings for kurt yet, but he was still very, very aware of how /gorgeous/ he is. like, he's never seen anyone like him before. so sometimes he stares, fondly, admiring him. and sometimes kurt catches him and blaine looks away and blushes and idk it just seems so cute to me uwu"


oh gosh just imagine how sweet they were, i bet blaine “you’re way better than that girl’s gonna be” anderson would slip in compliments or lingering stares all the time thinking it’s totally normal to find your new bff just really nice to look at, right?? i mean geez NO WONDER KURT THOUGHT YOU WERE INTERESTED BLAINE YOU MASSIVE DING DONG. and i bet blaine also got confusing boners all the time but reasoned to himself that’s something that happened between all friends, and all friends have sexy dreams about kissing the long stretch of pale skin of their bff’s neck too, right???? ahahahha




I still boggle at how Darren can make Blaine look so young and innocent and sweet sometimes.  I know we talk a lot about what Chris can do with his face, and he is an exceptionally subtle and skilled actor, but Darren and Blaine look nothing alike, really, despite sharing the same body, and that’s acting, too.

I agree totally. They are completely different people: looks, personality, voice, mannerisms. As much as I hate the hard-hat gel, I understand now why they do it a bit more now, having seen more of Darren in person and in interviews. As Blaine’s character grows in canon, they diverge more and more, as well. The more we get to know Blaine, the less he resembles Darren at all.

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Pissy Blaine is my favorite Blaine. He has had with your shit.

#i want a fic where Blaine is at home#and it totally on one#and is eye rolling and sassing his parents#because he is a champion eye roller#and they just do not want to deal with him#and his Mom is lime BLAINE DEVON ANDERSON YOU ARE NOT TOO OLD TO BE GROUNDED#and his Dad is like#please call Sam and go out#just go away and do something#take my keys and my wallet and go#because he does not have the patience#for Blaine and Blaine’s Mom and their eyerolling war

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peetanderson asked: can i make a drawing request? Blaine talking to Kurt and/or Bowtie about his love for Peeta ! 






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Darren Criss at Accademia dell’Arte, Italy 2008. [Source]

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